Asbestos Abatement & Removal Services

Our philosophy:

Although the complete removal of all asbestos containing materials would be the best way to eliminate all possible asbestos related hazards, the reality is that a good asbestos management plan can make it possible for persons to safely coexist with asbestos containing materials. We believe in a program of complete removal only when repair or renovation occurs or as funding becomes available for environmental improvement projects. As a partner in your Asbestos Management Plan, Auburn Environmental (AE) will assist you with affecting repairs of ACM when damage has occurred, proper training of maintenance and or staff in accordance with OSHA guidelines, coordinating and overseeing the removal of ACM by private contractors, and monitoring the status of ACM in-place in order to protect public health.

AE works closely with building maintenance personnel, outside contractors, building occupants, and regulatory agencies to ensure that all asbestos-related activities are performed safely, legally, and with the least disruption to your personnel and their environment.
  • All asbestos abatement & removal services are coordinated by and/ or performed by a Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH).
  • State of Ohio Certified Asbestos professionals on staff include: Asbestos hazard abatement air-monitoring specialists, Asbestos hazard abatement project designers, Asbestos hazard abatement specialists, Asbestos hazard abatement workers, and Asbestos hazard evaluation specialists.
  • Auburn Environmental is also certified in the state of Ohio as an Asbestos hazard abatement contractor.
  • In-depth preliminary discussion with owner regarding property history and condition
  • Site visits as needed
  • Conduct initial and follow-up building surveys
  • Provide air and bulk materials sampling and analysis
  • Capable of providing onsite analysis of PCM air samples
  • All third-party laboratory analysis performed by an AIHA accredited laboratory
  • Written reports including recommendations
  • Development of asbestos abatement protocols
  • Performance of asbestos abatement and disposal activities
  • Capable of performing asbestos abatement project oversight
  • Final air clearance sampling and analysis
  • Development of Operations and Maintenance Plans
** Expert Witness Services available