Damage Assessment

Our team provides a broad range of integrity services including failure analyses and expert witness services for litigation using a multi technology approach to evaluate landfill caps, CNG fuel systems, and engineered structures.

Landfill Geomembrane Liners

AES staff members routinely evaluate material failures in geomembrane liners (landfills, covers, canals, ponds, dams), and other geosynthetics, and engineered plastics compounds. Rapid landfill gas mapping by infrared systems identify location of leaks in landfill caps to pinpoint methane, total non-methane hydro-carbons, and carbon dioxide distributions. Mapping provides an accurate GPS location of leaks detected.

CNG Fuel Cylinders

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) requires all on-board CNG storage cylinders to be visually inspected every three years or 36,000 miles whichever comes first, or following any accident exceeding 5 miles per hour or any fire. Our trained CNG fuel system inspectors ensure the safe operation of your fleet and provide compliance with the federally-mandated CNG fuel system inspections. Both our AES and UT inspections use the latest ASME standards as guidelines.

Buildings and Infrastructure

When it comes to building or infrastructure damage, identifying the root causes is the first step in your management strategy. Our damage assessment for buildings and infrastructure helps you to establish the causes of damage and provides you with the most cost-effective solution for repair. Our engineers, scientists, and architects are adept at reducing complex technical concepts to assist jurors at arriving arrive at judgments based on facts they can understand.