Indoor Air Quality Testing / Mold Services

Our philosophy:

Assessment of indoor mold can only be quantified through the use of biological sampling. The goal of biological sampling is to help determine whether the biological particles present in a particular environmental are affecting or causing irritation in certain individuals. Sampling is also used to locate the sources of indoor microorganisms and facilitate an effective remediation. While we are typically surrounded by a wide variety of different microorganisms everyday, sampling provides us with a method to establish, in a scientific way, whether the environment in question contains more organisms than would normally be present. There are numerous techniques that may be used by a mold inspector to evaluate the level of indoor microorganisms. We believe, however, that scientific comparisons are only possible when measured volumes of air are sampled and when results of surveys are expressed in terms of volumetric measurements.
  • All IAQ / Mold Inspections are coordinated by and/ or performed by a Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH).
  • In-depth preliminary discussion with owner regarding current property conditions
  • Initial site visit to assess cause and origin
  • Investigation/ Survey and sampling conducted
    • IR Thermography
    • Moisture Meter
    • Hygrometer
    • Spore-Trap Air Sampler
    • Swabs/ Tape Lifts
    • Digital Photos
    • IAQ Meter
  • Analysis performed by an AIHA accredited laboratory
  • Written report including recommendations
  • Development of restoration and remediation protocols including property contents
  • Performance of remediation and restoration
  • Restoration and remediation oversight
  • Final clearance sampling
  • Analysis performed by an AIHA accredited laboratory
  • Re-occupancy letter provided
** Expert Witness Services available